H’wood radically different for men: Evans

LOS ANGELES: Captain America: Civil War star Chris Evans says Hollywood is a “radically different landscape” for men.

On the talk show Chelsea, Evans said, “You can’t stick your head in the ground like that. Being a guy, it’s a radically different landscape. I think there is a gender gap that is ubiquitous in Hollywood, and I think a lot of times it’s hard to even identify.

“It’s not even about the contracts (or pay). If you look at that project, there’s probably about nine roles... (eight) guy roles and one girl role. So, even before you get to the point of money there’s already an issue going

on underneath.”

The 34-year-old actor previously insisted he doesn’t take his own success for granted, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“I grew up watching the Oscars, so being there makes me appreciate how far I’ve come. I can’t deny that it’s (the film industry) had an effect, but I think it’s a positive one. Instead of trying to figure out how to play the game, I’ve come to realise that it’s more important to remind myself that I don’t have to win today and I don’t actually have to play at all.

“Obstacles and hurdles are man-made. I won’t say it’s not useful to self-reflect, but I realise the part of you that’s fuelling the self-reflections actually more akin to your ego than to the situation you’re in,” he said.