MUMBAI: The timing of the two weddings has caused some unfortunate overlapping. But Eesha Koppikar, who gets married exactly a week after

fellow-actress Shilpa Shetty, takes the overlapping on the chin.

“We’re both Mangalorians getting married to Punjabis. So there’s more room for comparison other than just two actresses who are tying the knot with their steady boyfriends one after another,” Eesha said on the eve of her wedding.

Every effort was being made to keep Eesha Koppiker’s marriage distant from Shilpa’s. While Shilpa’s marriage took place at a friend’s farmhouse and wedding reception at a hotel, Eesha and Narang held both events at the latter’s residence. Said Eesha happily, “The wedding was on the 29th afternoon at Timmy’s residence Narang House in Bandra and the reception was the same evening at the same venue.”

While being horrified by veejay Pooja Mishra’s allegations of stalking and harassment, Eesha says she is more embarrassed than horrified at the way Mrs Shatrughan Sinha has been dragged into the controversy. “Mrs Punam Sinha is a highly respected figure in the film industry. It sounds highly unlikely that she would have the time or the inclination to bother with this lady. As for me, what can I say? It’s obviously a publicity gimmick. I trust my man Timmy totally. He hardly knows this girl. He has shown me some of her sms-es and believe me, they are revealing.”

About Eesha’s name being dragged into Pooja Mishra’s net, she says, “I guess Timmy on his own was not that visible a target. If you add my name to his you naturally get more prominence in the entertainment sections. It’s amazing what levels girls these days stoop to for publicity. I don’t know Pooja Mishra at all. Why would I be stalking her? What sense does that make? She even says I stole her I-Pod sometime back, can you believe it? Timmy joked I should’ve asked him for one if I so badly wanted an I-Pod.”

Laughing heartily, Eesha sobers down, “There’s no power on earth, no matter how negative or evil, which can rain down on our celebration. The biggest thing in any relationship is trust. And we have that.”