I wish Shahid well: Bebo

MUMBAI: Talking about ex’s, while most of our B-towners flinch when they’re quizzed about their past love, ex-boyfriends etc.

Kareena Kapoor is one babe who is honest and forthright about it. At least she doesn’t blatantly deny the relationship (like some of our beauties often do), or pretend that jab they met nothing really ever happened.

That’s the cool Kapoor gal for you. Recently during an exclusive interview with ZOOM, when she was asked if she’s in touch with Shahid Kapoor, without appearing even faintly unnerved by the question, she said, “No, we are not in touch. Shahid and I shared a wonderful relationship in the past, the least we can do is wish each other well. At least I know I do that from my side.” Bebo is such a darlin’, no? We see one head nodding already.