Imagining Dashain sans killing

Dashain the biggest festival has always been colourful and cheerful event.

When Dashain arrives, I feel good. Though some questions make me sad. Is it necessary to kill those innocent animals in the name of sacrifices for god? I never liked this aspect of Dashain where innocent animals have to lose their lives for nothing. Many people think that animals are born to be killed for God. And I always tell them that it’s not true.

People think that sacrificing animals will bring peace and prosperity to them. But how can peace exist by killing those animals. I would say it’s their old fashioned narrow minds that makes them feel that the killings would please the Gods and would be a boon for them.

So let’s get together to carve this dream of celebrating this Dashain without any killings. God never asks for blood, it is we who offer it. Let’s save animals. 

Happy, peaceful and joyful Dashain