MUMBAI: This is the price that one needs to sometimes pay for being a celebrity. Someone pretending to be the filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar contacted Bollywood heroines, Minissha Lamba and Neha Dhupia offering them roles.

The message forwarded by the person read, “Hi, I’m Madhur Bhadarkar. Wanted to discuss a script if you are interested. Please SMS me back. It’s urgent”. The impersonator might have done it just for fun or for fulfilling some other intentions. But the leading ladies sensed something fishy and thus saved themselves from any further troubles. Upon knowing that someone is using his identity Madhur immediately contacted the police and put up a complaint.

Minissha clarifies, “I was confused as I had Madhur’s number which was different from the number I got the message from. Why would he SMS me from some other number, unless he had changed his number. I did not respond to that message. Instead, I called up Madhur and inquired if he had messaged me. Madhur was shocked and told that he had nothing to do with it. I thought Madhur should be alerted that someone was misusing his name”.