In Bollywood everybody is a commodity: Asin

MUMBAI: " Commodities" is the word actress Asin Thottumkal used to describe the inhabitants of the world of showbiz, saying that it is compromise not creativity which is the name of the game in Bollywood.

The 24-year-old actress, who was speaking in the Youth Forum of the India Today Conclave 2010 here today on the topic 'Change: Idealism vs Reality' was at her candid best and said that values and integrity are compromised on a daily basis in the film industry.

"In Bollywood we all are commodities, who can be replaced by another at a moment's notice. And therefore there is the need for constant compromise. If a formula works it is flogged to death, let ideas be damned," said the actress.

Asin who was already a superstar in South Indian cinema when she debuted in Bollywood opposite superstar Aamir Khan in the 2008 blockbuster 'Ghajini' said that the only way to put the "soul" back into the industry was to stand up and say no to sub-standard products and practices.

"There can be many repercussions if you say no. As an actor it cam mean less endorsements, less visibility and less industry friends. But saying no to mediocre products is the only way to put the soul back into the industry," said Asin.

The actress who has not signed on any new projects after her second film 'London Dreams' starring Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan flopped at the box office said that she has always been choosy about her projects. "There is a lot of pressure on me to sign movies. But one should believe in what one wants to do and it works for me," said Asin who shared the dias with actor Ranbeer Kapoor at the event.