In Buddha’s garden

Kathmandu :

Ever since this painter and photographer from Maharashtra, India came to Kathmandu and started living here, Prakaash Chandwadkar has something new to offer every year. After his series of exhibitions portraying his impressions about Hinduism and Buddhism in his earlier exhibitions, Chandwadkar has once again presented Buddha in his latest exhibition titled ‘Buddha Realm’ at the Siddhartha Art Gallery.

His earlier paintings have featured Shiva, Buddha and the Bodhi Tree, and these symbols have recurred in this exhibition too.

Enter the gallery, and large canvases with Buddha’s face painted in different colourful backdrops will greet you. These Buddha features look stained and discoloured as if with time. The expressions on the faces of Buddha are the same in all the paintings with variations only in the colours used and the background of the canvas.

In the majority of his paintings, Chandwadkar has used bright colours like different shades of blue and green, orange, golden. Perhaps as a reflection of his earlier exhibition ‘Leaf Series’ or ‘From the Bodhi Tree’, his paintings have colourful peepal leaf attached or painted as an inset.

Apart from Buddha faces, he has some colourful abstract paintings done in bright colours in a large canvas. One of his abstract paintings demonstrates Shiva linga like figure with colourful paints sprayed making it eye catching, and also seems to be showing an interrelationship between Hinduism and Buddhism.

Also a photographer, he has dabble in a mixed medium of photography and painting in some of his works in which he has pasted black and white photographs of different Buddhas in the canvas along with leaves.

(The exhibition will be on till September 7)