In his land, with his dreams


Walk into Park Gallery at Pulchowk and you will be taking a step into a master artist’s domain and world.

The ‘RN Joshi Retrospective — Exhibition-cum-art museum’ is on at the Gallery, which has been integrated into the RN Joshi Centre for Fine Art, to commemorate late artist Rama Nanda Joshi’s 68th birth anniversary. The Retrospective was inaugurated by the Indian ambassador Shiv Shankar Mukherjee.

The Retrospective is divided into two parts — an exhibition of Joshi’s works from over the years, some on loan from private collectors. The works on display on the ground floor show us a ‘people’s artist’. This works mostly comprise portraits done during his days in Mumbai (then Bombay) and his painting from his series titled ‘My land, my people’. These are delicate watercolours that capture the essence of the moment. Be it the ‘Madrasi’s woman’ or the suggestion of a person walking a bridge over a swift flowing river between two huge sides of a muddy hill. If you love Desmond Doig’s works, you’ll fall in love with Joshi’s landscapes and people too.

The influence of astrology is evident in all of Joshi’s painting displayed on the upper part of the gallery. Done mostly in oil, they are bright in the use of colours like red, yellow, green, blue.

The two sections are as different as can be. Perhaps that is what distinguishes a genius from the rest. The RN Joshi Art Museum houses the gallery’s possessions of Joshi. From his brushes and his work coat to his rough sketches to his last painting ‘The Universe’. Some of his smaller works (perhaps rough ones) have been eaten by silver fish, but then this only adds a touch of reality to the works that look so unbelievably awesome.

“Life is imperfect without art,” said the late artist. Yes, it is, and it is works like his that make perfection possible in this imperfect work.

The Retrospective is on till September 25.