Himalayan News Service


A photo exhibition of prominent creative figures, ‘Smile’, is on at Nepal Art Council, Babarmahal from March 2. Literary photographer Kumar Ale had taken the photographs over a period of seven years. Aarohan Theatre Group organised the programme. There was a total of 155 black and white photographs of major people in the creative fields, including the late King Birendra and Queen Aishwarya.

Sunil Pokharel, director of Aarohan Theatre group, said, “We believe that Nepalis theatre could enrich itself only from interaction with other literary genres. That is the reason behind organising this show.”

“I have a collection of more than 1,500 photographs of great figures in the Nepalis creative field having various expressions on their faces. But for today I have selected only representative pictures. I hope to continue this as a series in the near future,” Ale said.

This is the first photo exhibition of Kumar Ale and probably the first of its kind in Nepal. Most whose photographs were being exhibited were also present on the occasion and had smiles on their faces recalling the moments when Ale captured their likeness on camera. The photographs are also for sale for Rs 2,000 each. The show will continue till March 9.