Into the winds


Nothing spoils the fun faster than an injury in sports. If we think of a safe, healthy and fun-filled sport it is definitely kiteflying which also has a century long tradition in Nepal. Three years ago, Club Himalaya, Nagarkot, thus, took an initiative to revive the tradition with fun shared between a few corporate houses of the nation. The event now has developed as an annual festive sport in the country, which takes place just before the kite flying festival Dashain, greatest festival of the Hindus.

Changa Chait 2062 is all set to begin from September17 along with a food fiesta, live music performance, bingo, setup of a drink and snacks bar for adults as well as whole lot of fun games for children. Even coordinator Prasant Tamrakar believes the event will be a promotion of internal tourism as well as resurgence of an age-old tradition in the country. “Flying kites is the harbinger of Dashain,” he said, “According to popular belief, kites are flown to request the ‘rain god’ to stop the showers for the season.”

With the unlimited fun attached with kite flying, there are various interpretations of the popular trend. Anil Shrestha, who has been carrying on his family business for the past three decades, shares, “Kites are flown in memory of those deceased. The message written on a kite is believed to reach the souls dwelling in the heavens.”

An inter-school painting competition, an exhibition of paintings and a variety of kites will also be showcased during this preliminary runup to Dashain. Undoubtedly, the windy hills of Nagarkot are the most ideal spot for flying of kites. This is the season when we can view the most rare sight of snowcapped mountain ranges from Nagarkot. In Nagarkot, you can breathe the freshest autumn breeze giving a break to city lungs tired from taking in air filled with smoke and dust.

Competition Dates:

• September 14, Saturday (Ashwin 1)

• September 24 Saturday (Ashwin 8)

• October 8 Saturday (Ashwin 22)


• First Prize: Malaysia Package for two

• Second Prize: Two way ticket (Kathmandu-Bangkok) for two

• Third Prize: Two way ticket (Kathmandu-Delhi) for two