Is it necessary?

Dashain is one of our greatest festivals which symbolises Hindu culture and tradition. It should be celebrated with joy and enthusiasm and in our own Nepali way.

Many take Dashain to symbolise a festival of sacrificing different animals and enjoying their bloodshed. It is also taken as a festival where gambling and playing cards is a must. Many stake everything they own, and when they lose they cry, “Dashain nai ho ki yo mero dasha?” (Is is really Dashain or just my ill-forturne?) Who will congratulate us for killing vulnerable animals? Is there fun in sacrificing animals and eating their meat over many days? I think when we sacrifice animals, we sacrifice morality, ideals and civilisation also.

There are good ways of celebrating Dashain as well. We can celebrate it by flying kites, playing on swings and even shopping.

On the tenth day of Dashain we celebrate Vijaya Dashami and gain priceless blessings from our seniors. We can also earn money in the process of receiving tika. We get an opportunity to visit different places in the name of putting tika.

Dashain brings bliss, but we should be able to enjoy Dashain in doing moral and valuable works rather than the works which are against of our social values. So, Dashain is about gaining priceless blessings from our elders than losing our own values.

— Aashish Thapa, Class X, Suryodaya Sai School, Imadole