It’s a personal choice

If I were to express my feelings to him, I would first like to know him better through a commofriend. TheI would write dowhow I feel for him. With guts, I would give the letter to him or ask my close friend to pass it to him. But I feel it would be better if I go straight to him and tell how I feel about him.


I think it solely depends on the persofor whom we have feelings. I would prefer to analyse

things before I talk about my feelings to that person.

Sanjeev Kharel,

Kamalpokhari, Kathamndu

There are mainly two ways of expressing our feelings for someone -- directly or indirectly. If one has guts thehe should express it himself either orally or ia writteform. If he does not have the courage thehe should ask his friend do the job. I would go directly and express my feelings for her. I don’t meato flaunt by saying that I have courage. The indirect method may cause problem because it depends ohow your friend conveys your feelings. But if you say it yourself, you casay everything from the scratch and I know the persowould appreciate it more thabeing informed by a third person. So, all I have to say is “If you’ve got feelings for someone, please don’t hesitate to express yourself directly but wait for the right time to do it.”

Shailendra Lamichhane,


I think, writing a letter is the best way to express your feelings to somebody. While you are writing a letter, you cachoose your words. The most important things ithe world are difficult to express. Othe other hand, if there is no role of a mediator such relations turout to be healthy as it gives them space to understand each other better.

Pradeep Sapkota,

Babarmahal, Kathmandu

If I feel for someone I would either write a letter to her or express my feeling directly but that depends otime and situation. If she were my very good friend theI would tell her straight away. But I will make sure that she gets convinced about what I say. If we were not close theI would either write or e-mail her. But that depends oeach and every person. If we fall under the category of a good orator theit would be best to talk about your feeling to her, if not themail or a letter would be more effective. But I would make it a point never to pass oa message through one of my friends.

Rajendra Prasad Pangeni,


I would prepare myself to face the consequence. I would just go straight away and express my heart to him. Doing so, I would get to know his exact reactioand plamy life accordingly. I suppose people take into other ways of expressing whethey are ashamed, scared or whethey are not confident about what they do and what they feel. This may cause misunderstanding.

Puja, Kathmandu

I would write a letter expressing my feelings because I think feelings could be expressed well while writing. I wouldn’t ask someone else to convey my- message because relying othe other persois being dependent and I believe idoing things myself. So, I feel writing a letter is the best option.

Shreeti Rathore

Isuch a situation, the best way to express my feelings is to write a letter to her. If I write, I ca

express all I feel for her. I will write so that she caget to read it whenever she is free and cathink about my proposal with a cool mind. I think all this is not possible if I tell it to her straight away. This caresult imisunderstandings and might hurt her as well. She would take the whole thing ia wrong sense and whatever relations we had would simply be destroyed. Conveying a message through a friend is another way but might not prove to be as effective as a letter.

KitaSapkota, Asia

Pharmaceuticals, Bhairahawa

Way of expressiomay differ from persoto persoand from situatioto situation. I would ask a friend to convey my feelings if s/he is out of my reach. I would write a letter if s/he were far from me but if a persois around, I would express my feelings directly. Self-expressed feelings are the best steps towards mutual understanding. Feelings either for a beloved one or for anyone else are to be showopenly, honestly and directly. Imost situations, a frank expressiohas aeffective outcome.

Bhishma Bhandari,

Naya Bazar, Kirtipur.

There are many ways to express your feelings. Imy view, the best way to express feeling for the other persois to go and tell the persodirectly. The persomight take it positively, if told directly icomparisoto writing a letter or asking a friend to convey the message.

Dev NarayaMandal, T U, KirtipurIf I feel for someone theI would directly go to him and tell him because I believe ifacing challenges. If he accepts, theits great but eveif he doesn’t, I would rather pull my self up thasit ia corner and cry over spilt milk.

Rushi Shrestha, Kathmandu

Loving someone is such a wonderful feeling. You forget the whole world and just think about the person. You store so many feelings withiand want to pour them out, so why not you yourself move ahead and take this wonderful step. Since you are that persowho has this special feeling, you yourself should let him/her know how you really feel for them.

But yes, one should also be prepared to accept the negative outcome.

Kipa Bajimay, Balwatar

If I have feelings for someone, I would march straight up to her to express my feelings because it’s my feeling and none of my friends.

A letter too could do justice to it. If I ask my friend to do it, he will express my feeling ihis owway. My letter will express only those few words that I would have managed to find for her. But wheI gather all my courage to talk to her, my expression, feelings, reactioand my courage will say it all.

Rajesh Chaudhary,

Balkhu, Kathmandu

I’ll definitely go up and tell it to him because who knows he may be feeling the same way.

Pramita Shayami,


If I feel for someone, theI would go and tell him. It is so because if I approached him via other means I may not know his feelings for me. Eveif the reply is negative, it won’t disappoint me because I would finally know what he feels for me.

Shristhi, Kathamndu

If you really like someone, theit is a little difficult to express your feeling ifront of her wondering that she might not accept it and break all relations. But if someone wants to express his feelings thehe cago and tell or write a letter or ask a friend to convey depending upothe situation. I feel writing a letter expressing your feeling would be better because she will get all the time ithe world to think about the relatiobefore giving her reply.

Ashok Lekhi, Gaighat

I would like to tell her directly what I feel for her because though it takes courage to tell her, telling her directly is of much significance. She would think about the courage of her suitor, as many don’t dare to express their feelings directly. As far as I know, this is the best way of approaching the persoyou admire.

BipiKumar Jha, Institute of Medicine, Maharajgunj

This belongs to average humapsyche that everyone has to exchange a few words to express his/her feeling. There isn’t a strict principle to express the feeling. The priority goes according to the circumstances. It basically depends uposomeone’s perspective, attitude and frame of mind as well. Thus, the straightforward approach will result ia positive conclusioI believe.

Sometimes, it’s hard to sketch strong emotions through words, which proves that humalanguage is insufficient icertaiconditions.

It isn’t sure that what you write iletter will clarify the meaning and will be appreciated by the person. Feelings are abstract things so, the way you feel, your friend may not accurately and exactly explaithe depth you feel.

Pandy Santosh

I’d better show up myself and express my feelings to him/her straightforward rather thagiving trouble to a friend to convey the message. It’s the matter of your owfeelings. So, why involve aoutsider? So, why give unnecessary headache to your pal? It’s a matter of expressing your feelings, impressively. So, why devise out aineffective way, that is, through letter? No questioof fear arises; after all, feeling for someone isn’t a crime or else, is it?

Hermoinee Gurung, Kathmandu

Before putting forth your feelings you should be sincere and sure about your feelings. Any confusioand dilemma will make a negative impression. If you feel about someone you should ask for sometime with the persoand should, ia gentleman’s way, put your feelings. The advantage of this direct approach is that you are sure what you meant to convey is said iproper way and without any additions or subtractions, no inhibitions of any sort or opinions of any third party.

Moreover, sometimes words alone can’t express feelings; isuch situations this approach will help you to convey your message properly by attaching your feelings and you have the opportunity to see the reactioand feeling ohis/her face as it is said that face is the mirror of heart. But be prepared to accept any unexpected reactions from the persowhom you are expressing including aabrupt rejection. Should such situatiooccur, be calm and patient.

ArjuBhandari, Kathmandu

Isuch case, I’d neither write a letter nor ask a friend to convey my message; rather I’d directly go and express my feeling to her. I would also be ready for a negative reply.

Razendra Thakurathi,

Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur