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Education is an asset that stays with you for a lifetime and a good base grooms you to enjoy a bright future. Not everyone is fortunate enough to get a good education but those that do ought to make the most out of what they partake of. Children are always the major concern of parents and schooling is yet another matter of concern. With a variety of proliferating schools and kindergartens (prep schools) mushrooming in the last few years, parents are often in a dilemma when choosing the right kind. When children are young, parents are worried about the schooling and later the problems of college torment their minds. The transitional phase is most vital when the a child is groomed and values are taught. Though with time, the options for parents have enlarged, choosing the best from the rest is troubling.

Montessori Cottage is one of the many kindergartens that has its own unique way of teaching. The Montessori method is a programme developed by Dr M Montessori, which focuses on individual educational needs and interests of the child. This method aids the development of mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs of the child.

“The whole Montessori method is based on the child experiencing educational concepts, not only through the use of their hands but every faculty of the human body, thus it is a wholesome learning experience,” said Vibha Rana, Montessori directress. “But most importantly, the Montessori method relates to reality and, thus the child can connect experiences in the classroom to the environment.” In the Montessori classroom this objective is approached in two ways; first, the child is given freedom of choice and movement and thus experiences the excitement of learning through his own capabilities rather than being forced. Secondly, they are groomed to perfect all their natural capabilities so that their ability will be at a maximum in future learning situations.

Field trips and nature activities are also a regular part of Montessori and the school is also fully equipped with Montessori apparatus and outdoor equipment. There are five levels, namely Infants, Toddlers, Pre Schoolers I, Pre Schoolers II and transitional. Another positive thing about Montessori is that all staff have attended hygiene and safety courses at the ECS.