With the arrival of December, the season of festivals has begun at Soaltee Crowne Plaza. As Christmas is around the corner the spirit of togetherness and the time to enjoy with family and friend has come. So has the time to prepare the delicious traditional plum cake, on December 10 Soaltee had organised its annual ‘Cake Mixing Event’, where women from different walks of life participated with much enthusiasm. The event started at 12 noon by forming four different groups, Group A had Malvika Subba, Sugarika KC, Ruby Rana and Rati Shah, Group B consisted of Nalini Mukharjee, Shahnaz Sohail, Kim Sun-hee and Paralita Malla, Group C had Charu Chada Rizal, Prabha Pradhan, Sunaina Shah and Sabita Subedi and Group D had Soma Pant, Dipti Acharya, Aicha Barthson and Baba Sarkar Shrestha. All were provided with a kit consisting apron, gloves and other essentials for cake mixing.

Soon the Executive Chef Rajiv Srivastava was surrounded by the ravishing beauties when he showed them how different dried fruits soaked in liquor for weeks are mixed together with flour, butter and egg. It is believed that the more there are people to mix the ingredients the better the coming year will be, so the chef suggested all to join in for the mixing. It was a delightful sight to see all the ladies so excited to mix the dry fruits with more liquor. Pastry chef demonstrated the trick to decorate Plum pudding to everyone and soon each group was given a plum cake, which they had to decorate. Everyone participated excitedly and decorated four yummy looking plum cakes. Group B won the first prize and received gift certificate for their delicious creation.