It’s a fairy tale!

Beauty and the Beast 3D

Genre: Fantasy

Director: Bill Condon

Cast: Dan Stevens, Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Kevin Kline et cetera

Being screened at QFX Cinemas

Kathmandu: Almost of us have grown up reading the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast which narrates the story of a young prince cursed to be a beast. An animated presentation of the same story Beauty and the Beast 3D is both comical and poetic, while the 3D effects are fun to watch.

An arrogant young prince (Dan Stevens) is cursed by an enchantress (Hattie Morahan) and becomes a beast. He and his servants fall under the spell. He can be freed only when he learns to love and be loved in return. However, his castle is not known to anyone. Belle (Emma Watson) and her father Maurice (Kevin Kline) are living in the village nearby. When one night Maurice accidentally takes refuge in the castle, he is imprisoned by the Beast. The story then moves ahead with Belle entering the Beast’s castle.

As the story is a well known fairy tale, no curiosity remains as the mysteries unfold. The poetic lines are too long. Stevens doesn’t make you feel afraid of his character of the Beast. He seems to look more like a human, just with more hair (which he actually is!). Watson is good in her role. Her role as a loving daughter is natural. Kline and Watson are able to depict their roles as a loving father and daughter. Luke Evans as Gaston, a villainous character, is good to watch for his cruelty and attitude. The 3D effects in the movie are appealing. A red rose, snowball coming towards the audience, the smiling tea cup kissing, stone pieces falling down are fun to watch in 3D. A wide range shot of Watson is appealing. The animation of candle stands, clock, teapot and cup are able to tickle the funny bone. The story will not appeal to all the audience as it is after all just a fairy tale.