Jackson doesn’t have much time

LOS ANGELES: Michael Jackson may have only six months to live, as he is suffering from a deadly genetic disorder, according to a new report.

Showbizspy has learnt that the Thriller hitmaker’s health is deteriorating rapidly because of a crippling addiction to painkillers and alcohol. “It’s tragic. His condition is just so far gone, I’d be surprised if he lasts six months,” the Courier Mail quoted a source, as saying.

“Painkillers and booze have caught up with him. The only way he was able to

cope with the stress of sex scandals and his roller-coaster life was to mask the pain with substance abuse,” the source added.

Jackson got addicted to medication 25 years ago, when he burnt his hair while shooting a Pepsi advert, due to which his health has deteriorated, reports National Enquirer.

“But the end result is an addiction that will kill him. His dependency on drugs dates back to when his hair was burned making a Pepsi commercial 25-years-ago. The drugs simply have ravaged him,” a source said.

“He’s in really, really bad shape. He’s been sick for six to eight months and he just keeps getting worse, His muscles and lungs are deteriorating, and he’s bedridden much of the time. He can walk, but not for very long,” the source added.

It is being said that Jackson’s pals are extremely worried about his failing condition.