Jagger upsets McCartney


Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney was upset when his friend Mick Jagger, lead singer of the Rolling Stones, criticised his late wife Linda’s musical talent.

McCartney had taught his wife Linda, a photographer, to sing and play the keyboards and she eventually joined his band Wings.

However, fans and critics alike have dissected her contribution to music, contactmusic.com reported. “(The criticisms were) like oil off a duck’s back - but harder to shift. You know, it wasn’t easy. But she was tough. The thing is we wanted to be together and we said, ‘What right has anyone got to say we shouldn’t be together in a band?’ And the world seemed to think it was its affair. So we had people like Jagger saying, ‘He’s got his old lady in

the band, oh f*****g hell.’ I know Mick, he’s sort

of a mate, you know. I would think, Oh, f*****g thanks a lot tosser,” McCartney said.