Jam session:Exploring music


He just completed his ‘A’ levels and is just another teenager who loves having fun and hanging out with friends. But what makes him different from others is the fact that he already has one music album One sided love under his belt and has experience of working in one of the most popular tele-series of Nepali channel. He is none other than Mohit Acharya, son of the multi-talented veteran actor Haribansa Acharya.

From his early childhood Mohit was interested in music and used to sing a lot. Seeing his enthusiasm dad Haribansa decided to give him formal training in vocals. Thus for some time Mohit took formal classes from Guru Dev Kamat and Prabhu Dhakal.

“My elder brother Trilok is in USA but he is not at all interested in performance art and when my father saw me interested in music, he was very encouraging,” says Mohit who likes listening to all types of music and is big fan of Shaan, Kailash Kher, Nima Rumba, Nabin K Bhattarai and Nepathya.

When in school he used to perform at various programmes but was not planning to come up with an album. “Singing was more of a hobby but when dad felt that if I have talent, I should showcase it properly, he suggested that I cut an album,” he says.

Though right now he is enjoying the lime light with new album and playing various roles in his father’s serials, he does not intend to take performance art professionally. “Right now I have lots of music, acting and studies, but later I think I will still be singing and acting, but I will be doing business as career,” assures the up-coming star.

His album comprises songs composed by his dad, Madan Krishna Shrestha, Yaman Shrestha, Nabin K Bhattarai, Jeevet Jalmi, Prem Raja Mahat and Kamal Krishna. As for the name of the album, they had thought of couple of songs but after his father heard all the songs of the album, he felt all the songs were about one-sided love and thus the album got its name.

Among all the songs Mohit likes Mohit bhaye chhu and Kahan gayau as he finds both songs perfect in every sense. Two music videos are also being aried on various channels directed by Bhushan Dahal and Alok Nembang.

“I think with change in time people not only want to hear songs but also watch them, so it’s obvious that demand for good music videos is high,” opines Mohit.

Extrovert and with great sense of humour, he gets along with everyone. So how it was to get into the industry that his father already is an integral part of? “Frankly it was easier for me to get into the industry as people were helpful and even the fans loved me a lot from very beginning for being Haribansa Acharya’s son. But at the same time the expectations from public is very high and there are lots of comparison with dad,” he says.

Apart from music, he also likes watching movies, playing cricket and surfing the net. He also has a habit of listening to any new song for almost 50 times a day if he likes it and recently he has been hearing a lot of Tum agar kaho and Kabhi kabhi Aditi. Mohit who has already acted in Maha Chautari (SLC episode) and Madan Bahadur Hari Bahadur is open for good roles in good movies. Don’t get surprised if you see him romancing Nepali actresses on screen soon.

Though he has not been able to perform in live shows due to his studies he plans to do so in near future and to make his performance and singing flawless he practises for one hour every morning. “It has been easy for me to pursue my hobby as my parents are well aware of the industry. They have helped and encouraged me a lot,” adds Mohit.