Jamboree at Taudaha


One of the most important sites for bird watching in the Kathmandu Valley, Taudaha will see a celebration this year too on the occasion of the World Wetland Day 2008 on February 2. Various fun-filled and informative events will be organised to mark the ‘Fourth Taudaha Jamboree’.

Known for its religious importance, Taudaha also hosts in and around it over 100 species of birds, both resident and migratory, which gives the largest natural pond in the Valley ecological importance too. Yearly, a number of bird species migrate there from far away places, some even all the way from Siberia.

The Jamboree is being jointly organised by the Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN), Taudaha Youth Club and Bird Conservation Nepal to promote conservation in the area.

The events for the day include nature hike race, environment conservation awareness programme workshop and on the spot art competition for students and other visitors on the topic ‘Healthy wetlands; healthy people’, which is also the theme for this year’s World Wetland Day. One can also have an interesting time watching birds of various species and learning more about migratory birds. Only the art competition is for free. “The proceeds will be handed over to the Taudaha Youth Club for improving sanitation around the area,” said Sanjeevani Yonzon, programme coordinator, WCN.

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, ICIMOD and World Wildlife

Fund have also supported the programme. Bus service will be provided to interested people from Nepal Tourism Board at 9 am. For details, contact WCN, 4289818