James: 'Missing Pup Was Beaten'

LONDON: Sandra Bullock and her husband JESSE JAMES are nursing their beloved dog back to health after discovering she was "beaten" while missing for three weeks.

The Blind Side star and her TV mechanic husband were delighted after their pitbull terrier Cinnabun was returned to them on Wednesday (17Feb10), putting an end to their frantic hunt for the missing dog.

The couple had appealed to fans for help, offered a cash reward, and even called in pet detectives a week after the nine-month-old dog vanished.

But James admits the pup is now in need of extra care - because she lost 23 pounds (10 kilograms) in the 25 days she was missing and had been severely injured.

James says, "Someone beat the hell out of her. (But) I don't care about all that, I'm just glad to have her back."