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Deepak Bajracharya is the first identified face for Bagpiper who’s been signed in for a contract of one year. And an event was organised to commemorate the signing in — ‘Ma Ra Mero Guitar, an evening with Deepak Bajracharya’ at Mall Hotel on January 29. The event was managed by Ournepal.com and The Himalayan Times was the media partner for the event.

Audiences who’d been resisting their desperate anticipation, all of a sudden, jumped off their seats shaking off their scruples to the singer’s incitement. A long period of lull was broken off when quite imperceptibly, the hitherto muffled gathering burst into a thunderous applause. It was quite evident that the explosive acclamation was to welcome the arrival of the dandy singer, Deepak Bajracharya. Bajracharya, a popular name in creating Latino-pop music in Nepal, has earned many accolades and the audiences were not disappointed as Bajracharya entertained every one present throughout.

It never occurred that a meagre turn out, which at first appeared just a score of audiences, had unwittingly turned into an enthusiastically uproarious crowd. Rows of tables and chairs were scattered on the lawn adjacent to the hotel complex and the oil-lit lamps provided a perfect and pleasant ambience. Bajracharya started off with his all time favourite number

“Ritu” followed by his other famous tracks. The singer received wonderful applause when he sang a number from his forthcoming release ‘Jhumi Jhumi’.

DJ session by Dipen which followed Bajracharya didn’t leave the audience glued to their seats as they seemed to be eager to gyrate.

Rohit Chawdhary, UBgroup, said, “Bajracharya has been identified as the first Nepali face as a mass singer to promote the mass product Bagpiper.”

Bajracharya is the first identified Nepali face for Bagpiper after a series of Indian film stars — Jackie Shroff, Akshay Kumar, Sunny Deol to name a few — having endorsed the product.