Janet draws thousands of fans

LOS ANGELES: Janet Jackson, winding up a week of television interviews to promote her new album, drew about 3,000 fans for a live broadcast of ‘On-Air with Ryan Seacrest’. There were no wardrobe malfunctions — though the show was aired with a seven-second tape delay, just in case.And there were no questions about her breast-baring performance during Super Bowl. “We’re finally on this programme today turning the page,” Seacrest assured Jackson. Visibly grateful, Jackson just closed her eyes and nodded in appreciation. The crowd filled a shopping center in the heart of Hollywood to see Jackson, who wore low-slung cargo pants with suspenders and a striped T-shirt that exposed her midriff. She sang two songs, taking the stage with dancers for one number, sitting on a stool for the other.

She also skirted questions about her love life, including whether a ring on her left hand signaled her engagement to rapper-producer boyfriend Jermaine Dupri. “It’s a gift,” Jackson said. “I’ve had my ups and downs with relationships. I’m very happy.” — AP