KATHMANDU: Peace Tracks — an album featuring the collaboration of musicians from around the world — was released online on September 18. Of the eight tracks included in the album, Ot features the collaboration of Nepali musician Jason Kunwar and popular Indian musician AR Rahman. With the music of piano, bamboo flute and singing bowl, the track is sure soothing and elating. Composer Rahman is behind the piano while Kunwar, from Nepal’s new school folk band Night,  is on the vocals, singing bowl, dhime and bamboo flute in the track. The number has been produced by Kunwar. The track is a part of Peace Tracks — a global collaborative music project of Talking Peace Festival that brings together internationally celebrated recording artistes with musicians from conflict zones. Kunwar was approached by International Alert (UK’s leading peace building charity) and its month long Talking Peace Festival to showcase the power of words and creativity in resolving conflict. “I got to choose from a few tracks to compose further and I chose the track of Rahman. It was a piano piece, specifically meant for this project. I wanted to work on it as I found it interesting while others had pop feel,” Kunwar shared about the collaboration. “I had the freedom and I chose to infuse with Nepalipann in it.” Peace Tracks is an album in which the musicians from around the world have collaborated. It has been built upon the musical contributions from high-profile recording artistes. Top artistes involved in project are Swedish group ABBA, singer Angelique Kidjo, sitar player and composer Anoushka Shankar, Black Sabbath bassist and lyricist Geezer Butler, singer-songwriter Melissa Auf der Maur, Duran Duran drummer Roger Taylor and influential composer Philip Glass while others amazing artistes hail from the Philippines, Syria and Venezuela among others. Being a part of this “astounding concept” with Rahman, Kunwar expresses, “You don’t get to collaborate with Rahman just like that. So, it is an honour that we were chosen for the collaboration and it turned out to be successful. I also believe that such collaborations help artistes like us get some recognition.” Kunwar also hopes projects like these will “help/inspire people to come together and be an extremely effective messenger — a messenger for peace, a call for coming together”. Composer Rahman has similar hopes. “I hope this track, and collaboration with Night, helps inspire a positive change to the world on International Day of Peace and beyond,” he was quoted as saying in a statement issued by International Alert.