Jazzmandu 2009

KATHMANDU: Jazzmandu, the acclaimed jazz music festival in Nepal, is just around the corner. The soul melting blows of saxophones and flutes, the melancholy notes of guitar, resounding notes of the piano, off- beat melody of the drums and their improvisations is how jazz was born, and for years the trend has been alive with budding admirers. Jazzmandu in Nepal has always been a great experience to the jazz music lovers and as for the performers both national and international- a great platform to share their talents.

The Surya Nepal 7th Jazzmandu 2009 this year begins from October 8 running in various venues till October 13. With a promise to make it happen in eight different venues, this year too a number of foreign as well as known Nepali bands will be performing their numbers. Out of the ten performing bands, the well known Nepali jazz bands-Kutumba and Cadenza- along with JCS Quartet, Prustaar and Gandarv will be sharing their note on the events. The international guest bands that are coming from different parts of the world are Yuri Honing Trio, Vatchapuj, Trio Urbano, Sheyla Costa La-Brasileria, Soulmate, Simon Fisk and Aaron Young, and Trebeka.

The first day of Jazzmandu on October 8(Jazz for School Students), it’s a free entry show for the invitees at St Xavier’s School, Jawalakhel. On the same day during the evening hours the Thailand born trio band, Vatchapuj, will be performing the Valley Jams at House of Music in Thamel. With the initiation of the musical series, two hours of minimum jazz bash will be committed throughout the week for all enthusiastic jazz listeners in the valley. The Himalayan Times and Annapurna Post are the official media of the event.