Jennifer Aniston does stunts in heels

LOS ANGELES: Jennifer Aniston has been praised by 'The Bounty Hunter' director Andy Tennant for managing to keep up with her co-star Gerard Butler and doing her own stunt scenes, despite her high heels.

Jennifer Aniston did her own stunts in 'The Bounty Hunter', despite her high heels.

The 41-year-old actress has been praised by the movie's director Andy Tennant, who found it incredible she was happy performing in action scenes with her co-star Gerard Butler, even though she was wearing sky-scraper shoes.

Speaking about the '300' actor's stunts, he quipped: "It was great having Gerry because he's just a hunk and really fun. He was willing to do everything, jump of roofs, roll around in cars, he was willing to do everything like that. And Jen, wearing heels, did all of her own stunts too."

In the movie, Jennifer portrays Nicole Hurly, a bail-jumping journalist being pursued by her bounty hunter ex-husband, played by her rumoured boyfriend Gerard.

Andy - who was speaking at the gala premiere of the film at Vue cinema in London's Leicester Square last night (11.03.10) - believes the couple were perfect for the film because they are such "sexy" stars.

He added: "They're terribly sexy, they're terribly funny and for a movie that's sexy and funny they're the perfect cast.

"They are very, very fun people to watch.

"Well I've done some romantic comedies before and I didn't want to do one of those again. This is a sort of sexy action comedy and I got to do some stuff I haven't done before. I wouldn't have made a chick flick. I'm bored of that. This is just a good, fun, action comedy."