Jewel of the middle-east

Abha Eli Phoboo

Doha, Qatar:

If you drew geometrical shapes on a vast stretch of flat space, it would more than likely resemble Doha, the capital of Qatar. A planned city with incredible potential, Doha has become not just the transit point for international journeys but also a hothouse for tourist and business opportunities. Doha is an incredible city surrounded on one side by the sapphire blue Arabian Gulf. Once known as a flourishing pearl fishing village of the Persian Gulf, a landmark of the city is a giant oyster with a flashing pearl in it. An urban city that is still under construction, the roads of Doha are a pleasure to drive on. Having opened up to oil production only in 1949, it has fast developed into an important trade centre. Shrewdly however, Doha has used the western influence to merge with their Persian identity. Take a look at the skyscrapers in this city. They are not bland massive structures but beautifully constructed buildings that reflect modernity in traditional Arabic designs. Here is quick surf through Doha as a travel destination:

Season reasons: Tropical climate reigns in Doha. Summer months blast you with hot air . Temperature rises from May to October but the weather remains dry and windy. The idea time of the year to be in Doha is from November to March but you can always escape into the safe of air-conditioned spaces.

Getting there: Getting to Doha from Kathmandu is no problem. Qatar Airways has regular flights from Kathmandu to Doha and they will fly you there in comfort. Book your flight beforehand and it should be smooth sailing if handled right.

Transportation: Taxis are plenty in Doha and quite cheap comparatively. You can recognise them from their brightly painted orange and white colours. Local transport is also available but you would have to make further inquiries according to your route.

Accommodation: Doha is mushrooming with hotels and a number of alternative accommodations are also available. Check in one of the many luxury hotels and they will look after you. You can choose the landmark hotel Ritz Carlton or a scenic view from Sheraton Doha Hotel and Resort. Besides these there are many others such as Ramada, Sofitel, Oasis, Doha Palace etc.

Things to do: There are many things to do in Doha. First, you can explore the city and find yourself niches that you would like to explore further. Or you can just refer to your travel guide and proceed with plans. The beach is a must on your list of places to visit and in the evenings, just take a walk and drink in the beauty of the city. Window-shopping and entertainment centres are pastimes to indulge in too.