John slams divorce rumours

MUMBAI: Bollywood actor John Abraham has quashed rumours of his divorce with wife Priya  Runchal, saying everything is beautiful in his marital paradise. Gossip  mills are abuzz with reports that all is not well between the newly  married couple.

Runchal and Abraham have reportedly been living  separately for a couple of months. Runchal is in the US pursuing her  higher studies while the actor is in Mumbai for films. Apparently, both  of them are finding it difficult to handle their long-distance  relationship.

“All is superb in paradise... to set the record  straight. Everything is beautiful in paradise. It is not true. You  believe all that c**p. I just feel bad when people put out things. All  is beautiful in (my) paradise,” Abraham told PTI.

“I was doing a comedy  film but I did not know that comedy was happening outside my life... just  put all this rumours to rest... there is nothing happening. It is all  superb,” he added.

The couple got married during New Year’s Eve of 2013 while vacationing in the US. The 42-year-old Madras Cafe  star then took to Twitter to wish his fans a very Happy New Year and  subtly announced he had tied the knot with his girlfriend, by  introducing his new wife as Priya Abraham. John said he feels frustrated  that his silence on his personal life is misunderstood. “It is  difficult because you are trying to explain your point of view sometimes  to people. John is always silent. And because he is quiet... the  silence is often mistaken for his weakness. I believe in being quiet  because I feel that is dignified. I keep quiet but unfortunately I also  see lot of negative press sometimes around me and that is very  disparaging and discouraging,” he said.

John thinks he does not  deserve negative attention. “I feel I don’t deserve it and no one in my  family deserves it. Just because no one speaks doesn’t mean you can go  out and say anything you want,” he added.