John’s many faces


John Abraham is trying to essay a wide variety of roles. The actor has recently wrapped up Anurag Kashyap’s No Smoking in which he plays a chain smoker trying to quit smoking and in Nagesh Kukunoor’s Aashayein he will be seen as a gambler.

“You know, John Abraham is about being different. And I want to work with directors who will present me differently,” John Abraham said.

He is quite impressed with Anurag Kashyap, who has directed him in No Smoking, and describes him as a “volcano about to erupt”.

“Anurag is a genius. I’m so confident about this film. This is the kind of cinema I always wanted to do,” said John who played a Gandhian in Oscar nominated Water.

The actor has also adopted the one-film-at-a-time mantra. “After three months in England I’ll again disappear for two months from Mumbai, this time to South India for Aashayein. We’ll wrap it up in one schedule. That’s how I’ll work from now on. One film at a time.”

John has no girl starring opposite him in Aashayein. “The plot revolves around me. Isn’t that nice for a change? I hope audiences won’t get bored watching me. I’m totally excited about working with Nagesh.”

After Aashayein John intends to take a break. “Everything is going well. Even when I’m out of Mumbai, a very efficient staff and friends look after my endorsements and other interests. I’m surrounded by people who know my mind... I’m not unhappy being out of town, except for the weird rumours that are allowed to float when I’m absent. I’m such a chilled out guy, happy to be in my space. I make an effort not to get into others’ space. I just do my work quietly. And still I get into these controversies.”