Jolie boards Mumbai local

MUMBAI: Angelina Jolie created a commotion in India’s financial hub on November 13 by jumping on a packed local train while shooting for a movie based on a book by slain Wall Street Journal correspondent Daniel Pearl’s widow.

Jolie plays the part of Mariane Pearl who penned the book A Mighty Heart about the abduction and slaying of her husband in Karachi in 2002 by Islamic militants.

The sultry actress, wearing a sea green T-shirt and khaki pants, bought a ticket from a south Mumbai commuter station and boarded a local train with four bodyguards, while the crew shot from outside.

There was an immediate commotion inside the train compartment as one passenger shouted: “Hey Kamlesh, come quick, she’s here, she’s here”

Her bodyguards however prevented college students and eager autograph hunters from getting too close.

Mumbai’s local trains, the lifeline of the crowded seaside peninsula city of 18 million, are used by nearly six million people daily.

Local photographers snapped pictures of Jolie early on Monday morning, walking with her crew as they shot scenes of daily life at Mumbai’s tourist landmark, the Gateway of India.

The interlude was followed by a 10-minute real-life chase by newspaper photographers and paparazzi, who shadowed her on bikes and in taxis as her convoy of cars sped along the three-kilometer long Marine Drive promenade.

Jolie, her partner Brad Pitt and their three children are in India for a month to film scenes for the movie which also stars Dan Futterman as Daniel Pearl.