Jolie slept with mother's beau at 16

LONDON: Hollywood star Angelina Jolie bedded her mother''s boyfriend when she was 16 years old, claims a new unauthorised biography. Writer Andrew Morton has alleged that the ''Changeling'' star spent a night with her mother Marcheline Bertrand''s live-in partner and later confessed the act to her, reported Now Magazine.

As a result, the French actress ended her relationship with her boyfriend and struggled hard to keep the mother-daughter relation alive. "Marcheline had a live-in boyfriend whom she was very much in love with, but Ange slept with him when she was 16 and barely out of school.

Her mother found out and ended her relationship with the man," said a source. The incident may have taken place years ago, but the 34-year-old star is still bearing its repercussions.

"When Ange admitted the story to her brother James just a few weeks ago, even he turned on her. She has hardly anyone left in life who likes or trusts her.

" Jolie is now reported to be reconciled with her father Jon Voight, with whom she has had a rocky relationship in the past.