Jones loves being 30

LOS ANGELES: The Come Away With Me singer says entering a new decade last year has made her feel more comfortable and much less self-conscious.

She said, “I definitely feel more at ease than I did in my twenties. I think as you get older, you feel more comfortable with yourself and your decisions and less worried about what other people think.”

“I was always a bit of a self-conscious performer and now I have a lot more fun with it instead of getting nervous.” The Sunrise hitmaker also believes getting older gives her more to write about because she has so much extra life experience and knowledge.

Speaking about the writing of her new album The Fall, she added, “It seems like maybe because I’m 30 and all my girlfriends are about the same that everyone’s going through changes at this point in their life, whether it’s getting married, having a baby, breaking up, getting a divorce, getting a dog, all those kinds of things.

“It was surrounding me and I was certainly going through my own things too. There was plenty to draw on.”