Jordans plastic hubby

LONDON: Katie Price alias Jordan is forcing cage fighter husband Alex Reid to have plastic surgery on his nose and ears.

Reid, 34, has told friends he does not want the surgery but he’s too scared to say no to his new wife, reports Reid’s nose has been broken about 20 times because of the fighting. But she doesn’t like it that way. And she’s been making him paranoid about his ears. They’ve been bitten many times and she says they should be pinned back or, ideally, reconstructed,” said a close friend of Reid.

“She also wants him to have Botox with her when they’re in LA next,” the friend added.

Price is planning for him to have surgery after a televised fight in May, which she wants to be his last. A few weeks later, they will have a mega-bucks showbiz wedding blessing for a magazine deal.

Katie’s been saying she wants him to look perfect in the wedding pictures and that he won’t make it as an action movie star in Hollywood without having the work done.