Sabin basks in glory

KATHMANDU: Sabin Rai is a newcomer in the Nepali music scenario, but people have already started appreciating him, saying his voice is similar to Bryan Adams. But Sabin disagrees with the compliment, “I really don’t feel good when my voice is compared with Bryan Adams. He is an internationally famous singer but I have my own identity too. I am Sabin.” His first album ‘Nine’ which was released in 2001 was not able to make a mark but he did not lose hope and he was back with his second album ‘Sataha’ this year. “I didn’t take my first album seriously. I did work hard but I had been careless too.”This time he had vouched that if this did not do well then he would stop singing for sure as well as would start thinking that his voice is not appropriate enough to sing. “Before ‘Sataha’ released I checked to see that I have done everything perfectly. I made it a point not to compromise with anything.” The hard work paid. His album is absolutely doing fine. And now, “I want to enjoy the attention I am getting nowadays. I want to celebrate my success. When people recognise me on the road I get so surprised. They either call my name or they sing my song and I am enjoying it all.”

The singer from Dharan is now planning to shift to Kathmandu. He informs that he will be performing soon in Kathmandu, Dharan and Biratnagar. Message for his fans: “I want to thank my listeners for liking my songs but do not buy pirated music. It not only hampers us but affects music companies as well as you all.” — Himalayan News Service

Kamal is no copycat

KATHMANDU: He is one of the many singers in Nepal who was able to make his mark from his very first album, ‘69’. The title in fact made many people think to interpret it in different ways. Kamal Man Singh smiles, “I like the number, I do know that it is one of the sex pose. I thought why not give it a different name, a catchy name. At least people will be interested to know what the album is all about!” Now we are hearing rumours that he imitates Enrique Iglesias. Kamal disagrees. “The way I sing is my own style. I haven’t copied anyone. But I do admit that in my latest music video ‘Sakdin Ma’ from my album ‘69’ we have copied the style of Enrique. Simosh directed the video. But what I don’t understand is why cannot the criticisers appreciate the good thing. With that video we have made an effort to come in the international market but they don’t see this. Till date no one has made this kind of big budget music video which comes to the international standard.” These days he is preparing for his second album and reveals that it will be called ‘I Love You’. The album comprises 10 songs

and shares that he won’t be copying anyone’s style in the music video. “It will be originals only. No copying this time.” Upashna has penned all the eight songs and the next two are composed by Pratima Shrestha and the singer himself. — Dipti Sherchan