KATHMANDU: Three months is a pretty short time to learn anything properly, let alone master it. However, it is also not that short a time if you are interested and dedicated. This has been proved by an exhibition put up by the associate students of the Kathmandu University (KU) Centre of Art and Design at The Art Shop, Durbar Marg, which began on April 24.
The artworks on display have been created by associate students from various countries and backgrounds, some of who learnt the art techniques for around three months or some for a semester.
More than 20 paintings by 13 associate students from the US, Nepal, Fiji Islands, Canada, Korea and many others are on display.
“This multi-cultural exchange has been very wonderful,” said Michael Joseph Krajniak from the US, the first associate student at KU.
“We provide students from various backgrounds ‘a place’ where they can learn not just art techniques, but also share ideas and express them accordingly through their artwork,” said Dr Bhadra Man Tuladhar, the chief guest adding, “Students learn and explore ideas and at the same time share cultures as they are from various cultural backgrounds and countries.”
Most students have portrayed the villages of Nepal in their works. Some of them are of Annapurna, Gorkha and other beautiful villages. These are in a variety of mediums — oil on canvas, oil on paper, acrylic on canvas. Some have even created pencil art.
The KU CAD facilitates opportunity for foreign and Nepali art lovers to take short-term courses in photography, drawing, painting and ceramic sculpture. Within the last five years, KU had taught more than 100 international students from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA and many more.
The exhibition is on till April 30.