Kareena, Saif enjoy holiday

MUMBAI: Vivek Oberoi's magnanimity has completely floored Kareena Kapoor and her beau Saif Ali Khan. shooting in New York. Vivek juggled the schedule to enable the couple a two-day getaway.

During the filming of Rensil d'Silva's untitled film, Vivek, who had plenty of solo scenes, apparently suggested to the director that they be shot in a bunch so that Saif and Kareena could take time off. So Kareena and Saif got two full days to chill out in New York. "Yeah, Saif and I got a two-day break in the middle of our hectic schedule because Vivek's scenes were being shot. Saif and I just chilled out, saw some films, ate at our favourite restaurant. It was an unexpected treat. Thanks to Vivek," Kareena said from New York.

It looks like Vivek's fence-mending tactics are paying dividends. "If you remember, we did one of my best films 'Yuva' together. He was very sweet and considerate then. I find no change in him. Yes, Vivek and I are friends," Kareena said.