Karzzz fails to impress


Genre: Reincarnation/ Musical

Director: Satish Kausik

Cast: Himesh Reshammiya,

Urmila Matondkar, Danny

Denzongpa, Shweta Kumar

and Dino Morea

Being screened at theatres

near you


You can hate him, you can love him, but you just cannot avoid Himesh Reshammiya. The singing sensation, the baseball cap wonder and now a star, Himesh is back with his second movie the re-make of yesteryear hit Karz with the same title but with few extra z’s. One thing was obvious after super success of his debut movie Aap ka Suroor, that there is no stopping this nasal singer.

Many will watch this movie to see how Satish Kausik has managed to interpret Subhai Ghai’s Karz, some just to see whether Himesh can actually act, and some to just laugh at his transplant and antics, but on the whole Himesh has the charm, may be in an irritating way, but grabs attention and pull the crowds to the theatres.

Both the films are made by well known directors, Karz had evergreen music by Laxmikant-Pyarelal, and Karzzz has Himesh’s touch of peppy beats making the songs an instant hit with the junta.

Rishi Kapoor had then played the the lead, while singing star Himesh plays Monty now. And of course, who can forget the super glamorous and elegant Simi Garewal, whose role is revived by the hot and talented Urmila Matondkar. But somehow we all know ‘old is gold’ and nothing can bring back the magic of musical hit of ‘80s. Period.

The movie begins with story of Ravi Verma (Dino Morea), who owns an estate and is a well known business tycoon in Kenya. After his marriage with Kamini (Urmila Matondkar), he is murdered by her. Twenty-five-years later in Cape Town, South African rockstar Monty faints during a concert when he unknowingly strums a tune he cannot recall where he learnt, but is related to him. Distorted visuals of a beautiful woman (Kamini), a huge mansion and a plane crash flashes in front of his eyes whenever he plays the music. To get a break from all, he goes to Kenya on a vacation. There he meets Kamini, who is now Princess Kamini and owns the Verma family property. That is when everything gets clear and he realises he is the reincarnate of Ravi Verma.

The best thing about the movie and the biggest crowd puller is, of course, the music. Director Kausik has tried to bring in the needed changes in the movie by setting the story in the very beautiful Cape Town and Kenya, however the story lacks pace and viewers lose interest at times due to bad editing. There was no need to work on the story as it is a remake, but they could have atleast changed the dialogues which sound very ‘70-80s. The mother blaming god for taking away her son, reunion of the lost family, the climax — all take you back to the time of Nirupa Roy.

Himesh has done commendable work and emotes pretty well, but the fight sequences will make you laugh watching him fly in the air and kick the bad guys. Urmila has done a fabulous job; she looks old but with a figure like that and her acting talent, she emerges a stunner in the negative role.

Shweta Kumar, debuting opposite Himesh, has done an okay job, looks pretty but will have to work harder to remain in the industry.

Danny has very less to do but carries his role well with his dry sense of humour. Raj Babbar and Gulshan Grover are totally wasted. Asrani in his minuscule role provides laughter to the boring parts in-between.

Watch it if you want to compare it with the original.