Katie Price stands by 'Roxanne'

LONDON: Katie Price has vowed to stand by boyfriend Alex Reid, despite revelations he is a cross-dresser.

The glamour model insists she has no plans to dump the cage fighter over his feminine alter-ego 'Roxanne' and says they are very happy.

She said: "We're very much together."

It had been claimed the couple's three-month relationship was on the rocks because of the allegations about Alex's secret life as a transvestite.

Katie - also known as Jordan - had publicly ridiculed him about it and reportedly showed pictures of Alex dressed as his 'Roxanne' at Simon Cowell's star-studded 50th birthday party at the weekend, leaving the hardman furious.

It had also been claimed Katie was planning on using his fetish as an excuse to dump Alex - who denies being a cross-dresser - and regain public sympathy following her separation from soon-to-be ex-husband Peter Andre.

The former couple's divorce is set to be finalised later this month.