Katy Perry loves to laugh

LOS ANGELES: Katy Perry - who is engaged to Russell Brand - says she loves a man to have a ''bizarre feed up'' sense of humour.

Katy Perry is won over by men with a "feed-up sense of humour".

The 'I Kissed A Girl' singer - who is engaged to British comedian Russell Brand - says the pair get along so well because they find the same unusual things funny.

Speaking about what a relationship needs to work, she said: "I share myself with people - that's the kind of way I exist. That's important. Also, to be a leader and stronger than me. I guess men also need the most amazing sense of humour - a bizarre feed-up sense of humour where we can both be people-watching and crack up at the same time without saying a word, because we know what we're thinking.

The 25-year-old beauty - whose parents are both pastors - also believes it is important for a man to respect her, and not expect to have sex with her early on in a relationship.

She explained: "Any guy that thinks they deserve my body after just paying for one dinner is pretty disastrous. That's pretty bad."