Katy Perry to unite with Weezer

LONDON: Katy Perry is hoping to revamp her pop star image by collaborating with rockers Weezer for her next album.

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has confirmed he and the I Kissed A Girl hitmaker are teaming up for a songwriting session next week (beg19Oct09).

And Perry is confident the studio time will help her shed the sweet persona she introduced to fans after releasing her mainstream debut, One of the Boys, last year (08).

She says, "I'm not looking to alienate my fans, but I can't be that grown-up Shirley Temple girl wearing the stupid strawberry in her hair all the time… because I'd kill myself or someone else would for me. So I'm really excited to always be evolving and changing - with my look, with my music - it keeps me entertained as well."