LONDON: Rolling Stones star Keith Richards is dead annoyed — for being dropped off a list of celebrities tipped to die. ‘Keef’, as he is popularly known, was on the ‘Death List’ website for a decade because of his hell-raising lifestyle. His wild antics, with a lethal intake of cocaine, heroin and Jack Daniel’s whiskey, made him a favourite for the portal.

But now Keef at 62 is reformed and so clean living that he has failed to make the list of 50 well-known people most likely to peg out this year, The Sun reported. The wrinkly-faced guitarist, whose hits with the Stones included Not Fade Away, said: “Some years I was on it, I was No 1. I’m just not rock and roll enough any more.” The Death List was first drawn up in a university bar in 1987. The 2006 list was headed by singer Lou Rawls, who died earlier this month.