Keep up that interest level

Are you having problems with a particular subject or class in school? Do you feel helpless or frustrated as you don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Many students face the same problem especially due to one’s interest level, anxiety level and approach. Here are some ideas you might try for subjects you are having trouble with.

Low interest level: Motivate yourself

Try talking to yourself and saying positive things about the class, like I am doing better in this class every day; I need this class to graduate; I will do the best I can; I need good grades to be accepted; If I learn it now, I won’t have to relearn it later; I may have to study this subject again in college, and it will be easier if I learn the basics now.

Keep positive thoughts flowing, and you will probably do better. Reward yourself when you do well. After accomplishing this goal, choose a higher goal for the class, like aiming for a higher score.


The best way to know whether you are afraid or anxious about a particular subject is to pay attention to yourself. Do you feel like you’d rather be almost anyplace else? You might have negative thoughts like, ‘I just know I’m going to fail this class’.

One thing you can do to improve your thinking is learn to be relaxed. It takes practice to learn how to do this. First picture a time or a place that you are really comfortable when you are at your best. With practice, you can feel the same way in your problem class.

Here’s what you can try

1. Breathe deeply and imagine yourself in a relaxing scene.

2. When you are really feeling good, picture yourself in a class that you really like and do well in.

3. Now, picture yourself in your problem class. Continue to breathe deeply and imagine the relaxing scene. Focus on staying relaxed. Your anxiety level should get better and better as you practice.


Another way to relieve subject anxiety is change the way you think about the class. You have to ‘re-programme’ the way your mind works. First of all, find something positive about the class. Do you have a good friend in there? Are there ever any enjoyable projects?

Replace ‘I think it’s ridiculous that I have to take this class’ with ‘This class can probably help me in the long run’.

When you approach the subject differently, it will help if you start feeling better about the class. It can also help if you learn new ways of studying the subject. — Agencies