Keira Knightley's nightly theatre plans

LONDON: Keira Knightley enjoys working in the theatre because she gets more time to embrace her character than she does when she shoots a film.

Keira Knightley wants to star in more theatre productions.

The British actress - who has previously been nominated for an Oscar for her performance in 'Pride and Prejudice' - is ignoring criticism of her performance in 'The Misanthrope' and wants to appear in more productions in London's West End.

She told the Daily Express newspaper: "It's so different to films as you really get into the character.

"In films, once you have finished shooting a scene it's done but with theatre you're always continuing. You get to know the character in a way that you don't as much in films."

Keira - who plays the role of Hollywood actress Jennifer in 'The Misanthrope' - also revealed she loves seeing the reaction of the audience when she is performing.

The 24-year-old star said: "The audience's mood is different every night and that is fascinating as, along with my mood, it gives the whole performance a different feeling each night.

"There haven't been any negative reactions from the audience."