Key to wisdom


Only if you’ve discerning eyes can the simplest of things emerge as an insight. And most often, nature unfolds as the pages of most profound wisdom. That’s what Susan Griffith Jones discovered travelling through the rural backwaters of Mustang, taking photographs of things quite ordinary, most of which are places and animals. “These photographs could have been taken anywhere, but Mustang revealed these aspects more subtly,” she enthuses.

The exhibition entitled ‘Virtual Mustang’ at the Lazimpat Gallery Café, however, is more than just the ordinary display of photographs. Displayed in two different mandala like pictures,

‘Two keys, one lock’ and ‘Pure vision transformed into organised confusion’, the images bring us close to look at the bigger picture that symbolises our elemental nature, demonstrating subtle aspects of pure, spacious wisdom mind and making us aware of the interconnectedness of it all. But Susan goes further to demonstrate it in the form of classical tantric symbology in relation to the four different elements of nature — air, fire, earth and water. And the fifth element space in the centre connected to each of the other four elements always takes the centre stage.

While ‘Two keys, one lock’, refers to the actual oneness of conceptual mind that judges what it perceives in a dualistic way, ‘Organised confusion’ shows how the elements manage to dance together. And ultimately, what seems to be so real is a manifestation of pure, spacious wisdom mind. The exhibition is on till the end of December.