KFed fears Brits may harm kids


Kevin Federline, the estranged husband of Britney Spears, is afraid his ex-wife will harm herself and her two sons — Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Federline raised this concern to his girlfriend Nicole Narian, contactmusic.com reports. Speaking to a newspaper, she said Federline was scared that Spears frequently breastfed her younger son while drunk and it may harm him.

He reportedly told Narian, “Britney’s behaviour has already put our kids at risk and I can’t let things get any worse. She’s lost all grasp on reality and is dragging the children through hell. Her mood swings are now so wild that I live in fear of getting a call telling me that she has killed herself. I can’t allow her to have custody because I seriously believe she could harm our sons. I’ve shared her life and I know she’s capable of anything with pills and a few drinks inside her.”

He allegedly added, “I’d see her walking around the house guzzling vodka and Coke and looking very tipsy. Then a few moments later, I saw her pick up Jayden and start breast-feeding him. That sent me up the wall. I yelled at her, ‘If you really wanna drink then make sure the baby gets bottled milk, not yours.’ I was terrified she was poisoning my son.”