Kids raise voice for changes


Aarohan has come up with an innovative way to spread awareness among children about social issues. Children from SOS Village and Bal Geetanjali English School gathered at the SOS Village, Jorpati to watch a play by Aarohan.

They play delved into the issue of keeping children as domestic servants which is very much prevalent in our society. It showcased how innocent young people are brought into the city with dreams far away from their homes and loves ones with hopes of getting an education in the city and of a better life. But the illusion soon breaks down and they are compelled to live a life of misery, working night and day, under dire circumstances, tortured continuously. They are worked to the point where they are no longer considered humans are just mere machines.

The play ended but the main reason for showing the play then began.

The children were given a big responsibility, to put forth their views while making the upcoming constitution. Each one of them was given a piece of paper in which they were asked to put forth their opinions as to what steps could be taken to get rid such an ill happening in our society. The children got busy scribbling down their points while some were helped by members of Aarohan to jot down their points.

Many interesting opinions were put forth, and the ones which most children agreed on by raising their hands when it was read out were temporarily passed by Sunil Pokhrel. Some of the points put forth by children included — free education for children till Class X, at least one member of each family being given a job so that children do not need to work to support the family, rules should be made that such a practice should not be allowed at all, while some recommended from 2-20 years jail for people who keep children as domestic helpers. And strong opponents even thought these people deserved to be hanged.

With the promise that all the papers will be given to the authorities concerend ensuring that children’s voices will be heard while making the new constitution of New Nepal, the programme ended with confident and enthusiastic children singing songs from the national

anthem to all time favourite Resham Phiriri.

Aarohan will be performing such plays in many other schools in the Valley and collecting opinions from children for the next couple of days. They are also collaboratively working with other theatre groups and community based organisations outside the Valley to create awareness on issues like child labour, dalit, Kamalari pratha and others to stop such malpractice against children with the help of children.