Kill Bill 2 ‘more focused’: Uma Thurman

NEW YORK: Uma Thurman is glad ‘Kill Bill’ turned out to be two instalments. Vol 1 of the action flick was released in October last year; Vol 2 opens in the United States this Friday.

The model-turned-actress wouldn’t tell Newsday whether director Quentin Tarantino planned it that way all along, but the footage always felt like two movies to her. “The first film was like a giant dance number,” she said. “This one is much more focused.” Thurman sees plenty of action as an assassin out for revenge against a hit man who tried to kill her, and she credits Tarantino with letting her play the part.

“He’s certainly given me really incredibly physical, very freeing parts,” Thurman said of Tarantino, who also cast her in his 1994 ‘Pulp Fiction’. “Quentin’s work is kind of a genre unto itself,” she said. “And it’s an amazing thing to be intrinsically a part of that.” — AP