Kimberley Walsh Happy With Curves

LOS ANGELES: Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh likes the way she looks and is happy with her curvy figure.

Kimberley Walsh likes the way she looks.

The Girls Aloud singer is often held up as an example of a 'curvy girl' but claims not to mind because she's happy with her appearance.

The singer revealed to Britain's OK! magazine: "When it's all like 'curvy Kimberley' it could go either way, you could start thinking, are they saying fat? But luckily I'm glad I look the way I do.

"I've always been like that so it's not exactly a surprise to me!"

But the 28-year-old beauty does admit having to keep an eye on what she eats in order to keep her sexy curves in check.

She confessed: "If I'm keeping an eye on things I'll have cereal for breakfast, a salad for lunch with chicken or tuna, and then at night something like fish and broccoli - no carbs.

"I also have a friend who trains me, otherwise I wouldn't do it. I used to go to a gym but people would come up when I was running and I'd be like, 'I can't physically speak at the moment.' "