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All creatures have a typical odourbut sometimes pets give off a peculiar smell. Such unusual odour could be an indication of some ailment.

“When a cat or a dog smells bad, there may be a problem,” says Dr Deuti Gurung, Pet Clinic Baluwatar. Usually cats are meticulous groomers, so if you notice an odiferous emanation from your feline, it could be a sign of a bigger problem. Odour from a cat can be less than pleasing for many reasons. “Oral or gum disease and ear infection are some problems because of which cats could be unusually smelly,” says Dr Swoyam Prakash Shrestha, Pet Clinic, Ekantkuna.

Cats are particularly prone to abscesses. “If your cat is chunky or has long hair, you might not even notice an abscess until it starts draining,” says Dr Shrestha. “At that point, if you don’t see it, you’ll smell it.” Dogs, on the other hand, aren’t quite as compulsive in their grooming habits as cats and often consequently just need a bath. “Dogs normally tend to disguise their smell by rolling in particularly stinky things, such as dead fish,” says Dr Gurung. “Apparently they think this fools potential ‘prey’ animals into thinking they’re not a dog at all.”

Dr Shrestha and Gurung recommend bathing your canine companion with a mild shampoo made for dogs. If your pet smells it’s time to visit your vet.