Kohinoor a gem of a person


Life is all about aspirations, ambition, and fantasies. The more one dives into the abyss of life the more unsaturated, unaccomplished, and un-relinquished it feels. We prospect the horizons but then we realise it a mere illusions. The wants and desire of human are immeasurably materialistic. We have become self-indulgent and we run after only materialistic things life has to offer — name, fame, glory and prosperity. How can someone say ‘I am poor’ not being rich in the past because being poor necessitates being rich in the past? Sacrifice is deemed worth counting when one has the guts to forbid those materialistic things once they were indulged in. It is when we sacrifice or even bring in the thought of sacrificing not for oneself but for the benefit of others is when we gain super-consciousness which is above consciousness; an enlightenment.

Here I would like to refer Kohinoor Singh with above context. She is as I said above a ‘rich being poor’. Born in Allahabad, India, she hails from a sacred place. The place located on the confluence of the three rivers — the Ganga, Yamuna, and the mystical Saraswati was formerly known as ‘Prayag’. If we draw an outline of her adopting Buddhism and her transition from a model to a nun, not being sceptical, one could say that she has had been blessed since her childhood. Leaving these facts aside I feel she has at this young age understood the essence and meaning of life.

What on earth would any ordinary human being bargain fame, glory, sufficed with prosperity and gifted with beauty with the life of a monk? It is really amazing to know that a 25 year old successful model giving up her career and life to become a disciple of Buddha. Hedonistic principle is predominant in almost every human being and the basic instincts are unavoidable. Even the great psychologist, Sigmund Freud, has stated this as the common psychology of human beings, which is quite difficult to accept if one has decided to live her life as a monk.

The raising of any such question and associating with Kohinoor’s transition to Ani Losang Dolma, at this moment, is simply unreasonable and unaccountable and we should not hesitate to respect her for a bold decision. The question of her transitioning is not as to ‘why’ rather as to ‘how’- knowing thyself. Self-acquaintance and self-realization is the ultimate way to happiness and bliss. Moreover life is not mathematics that it has to be calculated. It is rather a mystery and adventure. Kohinoor Singh has explored the mystery and adventure of life and now she has given a new dimension to it.