Kon-ni-chi-wa: Japan comes to our Garden


As black clouds hovered over the sultry sky, the atmosphere was sedate at the Garden of Dreams, Kaiser Mahal on October 14. But even more tranquil was the ceremony that took place to mark 50 years of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Japan.

The Garden of Dreams was ubiquitously ornate with the Japanese national flower Chrysanthemum. And in full blossom it stood as the veritable metaphor for the Nepal- Japan relations.

Strewn across the garden were different stalls that represented the rich legacy of the Japanese culture. From papier-mâché dolls to bamboo products, glass crafts and the Japanese tea, the scene had endless surprises that only became irresistible as the Japanese hosts welcomed their guests with hospitable and humble smiles.

The festivities also included a display of ikebana, bonsai arrangements, Japanese ritual dolls, Kendo (martial arts) demonstrations, Japanese tea ceremony and Kimono show followed by a juggling act and Japanese concert.